Why AB

More than a tender

There are countless reasons for choosing an AB Inflatables as your tender, but there are just as many reasons for choosing an AB Inflatable as your primary boat.

  1. The lightweight properties of an AB Inflatable make it easier to maneuver while docking and underway.
  2. AB Inflatables are extremely fuel efficient and offer tremendous savings at the fuel dock over traditional fiberglass boats.
  3. Most models can be towed by nearly any four cylinder vehicle saving you the fuel costs and expense associated with the larger tow vehicles required for traditional boats.
  4. AB’s large orca (CSM) tubes and innovative forward hull design provide for a much drier and smoother ride than traditional boats.
  5. AB Inflatables offer more stability, load capacity and comfort than much larger and heavier traditional boats.
  6. AB‘s sturdy tubes are less prone to damage than traditional fiberglass boats when making contact with docks or other boats.
  7. The design and lightweight of an AB inflatable makes it easier to load and unload from your trailer.
  8. AB boats are more likely to fit in a standard garage saving dock fees and maintenance.
  9. AB Inflatables achieve superior performance and speeds with far less horsepower than traditional boats.
  10. AB boats are designed to get on plane faster and are able to stay on plane at lower speeds making them ideal for towing skiers and tubes.
Construction Of Orca (csm) Coated Fabric

  1. External (csm) Layer:
    • – Weather resistance (fading and ageing)
    • – Chemical resistance
    • – Abrasion resistance
  2. Layer of Neoprene in Between the (csm) and the Textile
  3. High Tensile Textile:
    • – Basic Mechanical Properties (tensile strength and tear resistance)
    • – Dimensional Stability (no distortion)
  4. Interior Neoprene Sheets Give:
    • – Air-tightness (no air passes through to the textile)
    • – Excellent adhesion to the textile and to other rubbers



At AB, we are obsessed with quality. We can’t imagine doing business any other way. That is why we refuse to settle for average or substandard materials, or to sacrifice hand-craftsmanship for the speed of mechanized assembly lines. We believe that exceptional quality can only be achieved by combining the finest materials with an unflagging attention to detail. When you buy an AB Inflatable, you can rest assured that you are buying a watercraft that is unrivaled in the industry.




Every ab inflatable boat is backed by a ten-year limited warranty. see your dealer for details.


AB inflatable tubes are unequalled in the industry. They are constructed from a 5-ply Orca Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM) coated fabric that is specifically manufactured to resist scratches and UV damage, while retaining its remarkable durability. This fabric is so superior we guarantee it with a ten year limited warranty, the longest available in the industry. Our seams are overlapped a full inch and reinforced by taping on the inside. Our rounded tube ends require meticulous craftsmanship, and are costly to produce, but they allow for extension of the rub rail around the tube to protect the stern, and their graceful lines are unmatched by our competitors. AB inflatable tubes boast a larger diameter that improves safety and seaworthiness, increases payload capabilities, and helps to ensure a dry and comfortable ride. Every AB tube, except the 7.5, 8 & 9UL, features a minimum of three air chambers. They are divided by a special baffle system that equalizes the pressure in all chambers. This results in an additional measure of safety.

In addition, each AB model has tubes that are individually proportioned to compliment the hull dimensions. This precision design and craftsmanship means AB customers will always enjoy the greatest possible function and comfort available.


All AB hulls are constructed from either double-molded, hand-laid fiberglass, or high quality, marine-grade aluminum. Our unique forward hull design extends the hull further forward and increases the length of the keel, as well as the interior space. The elegant lines produced by this design are characteristic of all AB boats, but the true genius is in the engineering. Our forward hull design creates a raised bow and deep “V” hull which enhance the performance of every AB model by allowing them to plane more easily with less horsepower, and cut through wakes and chop, virtually eliminating spray, for a smoother, more stable, and drier ride. Inside the boat, this design extends our floors forward and creates a wider and longer bow. The result is a roomier, more comfortable craft with plenty of storage for gear and provisions. AB hulls cost more to build, but we think you’ll agree that the increased performance and comfort they provide are well worth it.

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