Profile AS

When getting close counts

When the mission involves swift or shallow water, the heavy-duty Profile A-S delivers without hesitation. Designed to meet the needs of Search, Rescue and commercial mariners, its unique hull design confidently handles both rough shallows and fast-flowing flooded rivers or lakes without compromising the safety of those aboard.

Powering the Profile A-S with a jet drive outboard engine complements the shallow draft of this versatile RIB, enabling it to go where others can't.

The Profile A-S features a modular design for easy customization, including jockey-style seating or center consoles, as well as a range of user-specific accessories. A portable fuel tank can be safely stored under the center console seat or in a bow locker to keep the deck clear.

And if operators should run up onto rocks or other underwater debris, its military-grade 1670 D-tex (CSM) fabric tubes and aluminum-reinforced professional-grade hull will take a beating. The lightweight Profile A-S isn't a repurposed recreational boat. It's built for professionals and severe, real-world conditions.

Key Features

  • Military Grade Orca (CSM) Fabric
  • Aluminum Reinforced Professional Grade Hull
  • Durable enough for rocky shores
  • Shallow Water Version Hull
  • Custom accesories upon request
  • Double solid Rub Rail
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